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Get Away.


I am developing a new methodology of getting away. Getting away is important to everyone no matter what class,  gender or race you belong to. One of the ideas that might help you grasp the importance of getting away is that life is a form of getting away from something much worse, so life is better than that other thing. Evolution has proved that camouflage is one of the best ways of dealing with danger and predators. In our “Getaway” lab we have developed techniques that are well suited to combat the devious idea that we have to accomplish everything while we are here on earth. Life is not a ladder, it is a plateau on top of the ladder where we can camouflage our way into staying for a while longer. By being here, we already have won.


With this film I would like to acquaint you with the most basic technique of getting away, the classical way of getting away. I rap Bach C minor Fugue and then get away from the brutality of such action to Novaya Derevnia, into the world of fragile beauty, oasis of my mother’s doing.

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