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At Shura's, 2016

It luckily happened so that Shura was invited to temporarily move into the the space of Roza Azora Gallery in Moscow, in the summer of 2016. There were three rooms in the space.  


Shura organized the rooms in this order: the room at the entrance was called “Humility”, the large room in the middle “Desire”, and the last small room with a curtain for an entrance instead of the door was named “Oracle”. 


The first guest Shura invited was Masha Sumnina. Masha brought some things to add to each room and then they sat together with Shura in the room called “Oracle”.  There were crumbled papers with questions all over the floor. Guests were invited to come one by one to the room to pick a piece of paper, and to answer the question. Oracles were writing down the answers in the large green books. 


Roza Azora has a small shop right at the entrance. In the store, besides many other curiosities, there were Buratinos (Russian Pinocchios), made by Victor Nazariti . They bothered Shura, since they were sitting unusually quiet in the corner,  so “The Hearth” happened. 


Floor plan of the three rooms: "Humility", "Desire" and  "Oracles"

Room "Desire"

Room "Humility"

Room "Oracles"

Duck/ Face

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